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Individual, Family, & Group Therapy

Individual therapy includes one on one 50 minute weekly therapy sessions. If you can benefit from family support, family sessions can be included as part of your treatment plan as an adjunct therapy. Group therapy is also offered as a more cost efficient option for treatment. Group therapy allows you to receive the psychoeducation you would receive in an individual session and receive support from others who are also suffering from anxiety. Please refer to groups tab to view current groups available.

Off Site Therapy

Off site therapy is recommended when treatment involves Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) an intervention in which I will coach you through an exposure to  a feared stimuli. Sometimes exposures can be done in the office and sometimes they will need to be done off site to tailor the exposure to your feared situation.


Teletherapy or online therapy, is another way for me to be able to provide services to those who do not live near my office location. You must live in California for me to be able to provide you with Teletherapy services. Teletherapy would be individual therapy services rendered via Zoom, HIPAA compliant video conferencing. You would be required to use a computer of phone to access Zoom services.

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Individualized Treatment

Therapy services will be tailored to meet your needs in order to maximize positive treatment outcome. This will be done via collaborative treatment planning between client and therapist.