In this group You will…
Learn about the factors contributing to anxiety and how to address them
Identify and replace thinking patterns that fuel anxiety
Understand “safety” behaviors and how to replace them with more effective responses
Build skills for relaxation and mindfulness
Develop and practice new skills
Test learned skills in an intentional, gradual manner (Exposure with Response Prevention)
Collaborate with group members to create between-session actions steps

This group for…
people suffering from anxiety related to one or more of the following:
obsessive thinking
compulsive urges
social anxiety
specific phobias
excessive worries

CBT Group Therapy…
is a great opportunity to identify with others who face similar fears
offers a safe space to receive professional and peer feedback
is more affordable than individual therapy
Can be used as an adjunct to individual therapy

Did you know?
The first-line treatment for anxiety incorporates symptom-specific treatment techniques that address the behavioral patterns (both “thinking” and “doing” behaviors) that fuel social anxiety. Group members are encouraged to develop new ways of thinking (cognitive restructuring) and behaving (skills training, role play, exposure with response prevention, elimination of safety behaviors). The addition of training in effective methods for remaining calm, present and focused offers added benefit. CBT for anxiety can be effectively conducted in an individual or group format and many people find a combination of both formats to be quite helpful.

Day and Time of Group
This group will meet 1x per week in the evenings from 6:30-8 pm Starting in January 2019- May 2019.

Camarillo location, address TBD

How much does the group cost?
The initial assessment is completed individually at a cost of $100.

Group fees are charged monthly at the rate of $60 per session, payable by recurring monthly credit or debit card auto-payment or by exact-amount cash or check.